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Private Class

on your boat

$549 / day

1 day, 8 hours

Schedule: from 8am to 4pm

Days will vary depending on your needs and our instructors' availability.

* Instructor travel fees may apply depending on your boat's location.

Maximum number of students: 4

Training with and certified Sail Canada instructor

Private class on your boat

Our private training sessions meet different objectives according to your needs, whether it is for development, gaining confidence, or assisting you with your first boat. To do this, we will send you one of our qualified and certified Sail Canada instructors.

It is possible to improve by yourself only or with up to a maximum of 4 people on your boat. If you choose to invite friends or family during your training, we suggest that you choose teammates who will sail with you frequently to get the most benefit from it.

Please note that you will need to inform your insurance about this training session and that your boat will need to meet minimum safety equipment requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and book the date that suits you according to our instructors' availability.

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