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Consulting Session

for used or new boat purchase

$349 / session

Duration: 3 hours

A sailboat purchase, whether it is your first or not, represents an important and relatively complex purchase. The dream can quickly become less rosy.  In order to make the best possible choice considering your experience, your reality and your desired navigation program, our Agency offers you 3-hour consultation sessions to properly plan this project.

Consulting Session
for used or new boat purchase

Several aspects will be covered during this session:

  • Assessment of your current situation and your needs

  • Development of a navigation program

  • Development of a training program

  • Boat rental

  • Brokerage

  • Evaluation of new and used boat options

  • Management options (with or without income)

  • Conveying - delivery - transport by land or sea

  • Location - Body of water

  • Taxes & customs

  • Registration

  • Financing

  • Insurance

Our consulting services are creditable with any purchase of new or used boat valued at $100,000 CAD or more, purchased through our brokerage services.

Our boat rental service is creditable with the purchase of a new boat. See conditions with our sales team.

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