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22 Session Card

$1,798 / person

22 skill mastery sessions of 3 hours each

$82 per session -- You save 20%

Schedules may vary depending on the type of session

*Applicable on

  • Sailing with friends and Ladies Mondays

  • French and English classes

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Boating

22 Session Card

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Boating

The Ohana Club is the best way to sail and save money, in the company of a passionate crew and instructors during our “Sailing with friends” and “Ladies Mondays” sessions. These 3-hour skill mastery sessions are friendly and educational.

These sessions are reserved for those who have at least gone through our Introduction to Boating class, who have some sailing experience and those who wish to accumulate nautical miles to consolidate their experience or go further in their training process.

No need to think about boat maintenance, boat costs, marinas ... you'll just have the pleasure of sailing and mastering your skills in great company.


Wait no longer and book now!

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